Friday, October 28, 2016

Wildlife and the Garden

By Sara:

We had some interesting reptiles visit our yard recently (on the same day, in fact, just minutes apart).  I was doing some worked and all of a sudden looked up to see this snake in the tree next to me.  Anthony assures me that it is harmless (he did read the entire "Reptiles of East Africa" book).

Is it not crazy that a snake can climb a tree?  Maybe a little creepy too?

Then, I found an even better reptile a few minutes later - this chameleon.  I was willing to put my face up next to it to get a good picture.

Then, I want to give you a picture of some of the changes in my garden since we moved here.  First, you can see on the left of the picture below how there used to be grass growing on that side of the house.

Then, I put up a fence and dug up all the grass and weeds:

And now, it is all mulched and has plants growing in it!

So far, we've been eating chard, amaranth (leaves), cilantro, and basil from the garden.  Sugar snap peas, radishes, and zucchini just started too!


  1. Wow! You are some worker. That took a lot of effort to put those posts in, I'm sure. A regular farm girl!

    I think the snake is beautiful and it is not creepy that it climbs trees. Would make a nice pet.

  2. What?! It worked! Haha. Finally. I managed to comment on your blog. ;)

    1. That is great! We'll look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

  3. A very healthy start! Where do you get the starter plants? I assume you're not using seed.

    1. Actually I did plant pretty much everything from seed. I got some papaya seedlings as well as a passionfruit seedling, but the rest was seeds!