Thursday, October 20, 2016

Student Video messages and Campus Videos

By Anthony:

I have interesting students from all over Kenya.  One student has three mothers because his father is polygamous, and as a Christian he treats them all with love and respect.  Another student, William, is from South Sudan (we mentioned him and his family's challenges in the South Sudan post).  William told me that when he was younger (he is now 67), that he used to regularly hunt antelope for food.  He would chase them down and kill them with his spear.  He must have had some pretty awesome skills.  He also used to be an evangelist in Khartoum before Sudan was divided.  It is evident that the other students respect him a lot, and not only because of his age.  The other day he woke up early and picked up litter all over around the student dorm area, setting a great example for the younger students.  Here is William preaching in chapel, courageously willing to speak in English:

Here is a video tour of part of the college:

Here are some more fun videos, both of showing you the college campus, and also, on the spur of the moment during a quick class break, I asked the students if they wanted to share any messages of encouragement to the American churches who sent us.  Enjoy.

Some random fun photos:

Sometimes Sara can't afford the time to go change clothes before working in the garden.  You can see her passion!

This is her "seriously? you're taking a photo?" look.


  1. Thanks for the tour! That was fun to see how close your home is to the classrooms and see some of your students. You have a pretty nice commute to work:)

  2. Thanks for the video's , love hearing the birds chirp in the back ground, May the lord continue to bless you and Sarah in the work you are doing. we will keep praying for you. God bless Deedee Stoker

  3. Always love your "slice of life" videos! Because you make them short, it is possible to make time to watch them -- thank you. It is odd to see someone wearing a parka in Africa -- how refreshing it must be to have cooler weather there!