Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Rainy Season

By Sara:

It is now the rainy season in this area of Uganda, which means that we always need to plan for events to be delayed or cancelled due to heavy rains in the afternoon/evening.  When most people get around on foot, bicycle, or motorcycle, rains can make it difficult to get where you're going (without getting soaked to the skin and all muddy).

Along with the rain comes some beautiful clouds, though:

My garden is also flourishing with all the rain it is getting (this is from April 18th).  

These pumpkin leaves are apparently very scary when they blow in the wind.  Beorn was barking like mad at the garden, so I finally let him inside to see if he had found a snake or a rat or something.  It turned out that it was just the pumpkin leaves.  He was very tentative about getting close to them to find out if they were dangerous or not.

I planted this half of the garden the day before one of our torrential rains.  I was worried that all the seeds would have washed away or died after being completely submerged under a good inch of water.  Amazingly, most of them have since sprouted and are doing pretty well.

I also had to move the ducklings out of the garden, so we built a little enclosure for them and covered it with a tarp, so it can be removed when there aren't baby birds being raised inside there.

They're starting to look like ducks now: no more cute fuzziness.

By May 10th, the first half of the garden has really taken off.  I can almost hide in there:


  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Looks like you have your own bit of Eden.

  2. What are your plans for the ducks?