Wednesday, May 23, 2018


By Sara:

My farm is now complete with a pair of goats (Beren and Luthien) and a pair of rabbits (unnamed).

They don't really like being held, but we'll work on that with their future babies.

A duck in the hand is even more squirmy though:

Then there are these guys:

We're still working on training our stubborn puppy, Beorn.  Caleb always appears at training time so he can be involved in this process to show off his obedience and get treats.  Conveniently, the dogs love papaya and we have lots of papayas.  Here is some practice with "sit" and "stay" with papaya pieces as a reward.

Clearly I have no idea how incredibly difficult this is.


  1. I have always thought of goats as scruffy, but yours look almost regal. :D

    1. Thanks Pam! They're really fun animals to have around!

  2. Hahaha! The dog training pictures are so funny. Caleb is totally watching you for instruction and Beorn is just dying to pounce on that papaya. 😂 Love the goats! Do they bounce around like I've seen in videos?