Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Testimonies from Students

By Anthony:

Recently I asked a few of my students if they could tell me how I have impacted them through my teaching over the last year. I was trying to get some information for an article I was writing. But since I got some great answers from them, I will share them with you in this post. I edited their comments a bit to make them into a more readable English, but I didn't change any of their ideas.

Student 1 – "Yes you impacted me, sincerely from my heart, mostly during the Reformation teachings. In fact, I was a person of fear but I came to have a stand. I realized that if Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Zwingli took a stand, then I can make it also. The Puritans did their part in bringing change and so I am there today to bring change also. I have learnt to eliminate fear, to tell the truth, and to be honest. I have in fact challenged people. Some people have approached me and encouraged me so much. I assure you that I have a good stand and the most wonderful thing is that I don't preach my own teachings but I preach from the Bible.    There is also a time you preached in the chapel and you made me believe I should not get into the ministry because of the titles that pastors get, but rather to serve God in his favour." 

Student 2 – "Yes, a lot in my life has changed, through the study of systematic theology. Also, I have learnt how to preach using different methods."

Student 3 – "Yes I have changed.  You taught me:  1. How to keep and maintain the salvation I gained through Jesus. 2. Time management, I personally gained in how to keep time. 3. I have been well equipped with knowledge of church history.  I know the things I should be willing to die for.  4. How to play ping pong.  5. I am learning to make my own action plans and how to follow them without struggling."

Student 4 – "You taught me how to keep time, time consciousness."

Student 5 – "You are a really good help to my ministry, especially on personality testing. I am now able to handle people with different personalities than mine."

Students 6 – "Personally my life has changed positively from an ordinary lifestyle as a student to being transparent, making work plans, and being willing to confess! Also, commitment to God and living in faith."

Student 7 – "Yes indeed, I have learned to be humble, compassionate, to observe and keep time, and lastly to yearn to know God the most."


  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts from your students. So grateful that you are investing in your student's lives. How rewarding this must be! And hey, ping pong is a bonus. That's a critical ministry skill. ;)

    1. haha thanks. Ping pong is a great relaxation for me too, it's a win for them and me!

  2. So good to hear that you made significant impact. Well done, faithful servant!

  3. Thank you Bill! Thanks to supporters like you who faithfully pray for us in our work