Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hiking Mount Longonot

By Anthony:

We went on a short trip to celebrate our anniversary.  We stayed next to Lake Naivasha for one night and we walked around the lake seeing many animals, and the next day we hiked at Mount Longonot amidst other animals.  Here are pictures first from the lake:

A dung beetle hard at work, the dung was a bit smaller than a tennis ball:

Some beautiful sights but not so beautiful to see monkeys eating plastic:

In the picture below, you can see the giraffes and zebras in the bushes by the lake - we walked over there next to them:

Then we hiked up Mount Longonot, which was very unique, since this time we were in the midst of a cloud. Go to this post to see what it looked like last time a few years ago.

Again, not everything was beautiful to see:

The fog made the hike interesting, total nothingness and drop off to each side, without being able to see the bottom:

Finally, as we were finishing up the hike and about to start going back down the mountain, the clouds started to clear a bit so we got better views.


  1. What a beautiful place!! Thanks for the pictures and blessings on your work.

  2. Thanks Mary! Maybe you will get to come visit us sometime and see such places for yourself :)

  3. Aaaah - - so many good memories of hiking Mt. Longonot while I was at RVA :-) So glad you guys had this opportunity.

  4. Nalini, thanks, what is RVA? I googled it, is it Rift Valley Academy? If so, how many years were you there?

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Glad you took some time to celebrate! Beautiful photos except the trash. Bummer. Great you're ready for teaching. 👍🙏