Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Guest Post Part 2 - Student Comments about Anthony and Sara

When Tammy visited us, she had the opportunity to have a good discussion with the students, where they asked her questions about herself, the church in the US, and differences between Kenya and there.  Then, she was also able to ask them questions.

Written by Tammy:

I asked the students: "Tell me what you have learned and what you would like me to go home and tell the church and the people that support Sara and Anthony to be here.  What do you want them to know about your time with Sara and Anthony here at the college?"

Here are the students' answers: 

⦁ We learn Ping Pong.

⦁ We get to have interactions with people of your continent and learn how you do things.

⦁ Sara and Anthony are the best to have; Sara teaching us to bake cakes, helping us to feed (this is how they talk about eating).  These are practical activities we have done with her: making kitchen gardens, fireless cooking, and new techniques in farming.

⦁ Anthony's classes: there were many things we didn't understand, but now we understand well.  He has helped us with controversial theological debates we had in our minds and helped us to trust the Bible.  And he has told us about practices outside of our country, like in Uganda and America.

⦁ Sara and Anthony are always a good example to me, they are serious in their work.  I had doubted the spiritual strength of US Christians.  Sara and Anthony are people full of muscle; they have concern for our welfare.  Often we fear strangers, but we have become friends.  We will be preaching with our actions as they do.

⦁ We are thankful for them as they have been praying for us.  Early in the semester we were struggling with sicknesses and Anthony stopped teaching so that he could pray for us.  They are very pastoral and care well for us.  They are able to respond to emergencies.  They are very approachable, we praise God for them.  (I understood this as Sara and Anthony are approachable and helpful in their long term spiritual, emotional and physical strength, they do not see themselves as better than another; they are doing life with these people)

⦁ They are one good Christian couple, they walk, do things together and have a good relationship, they use their time and resources well and they have challenged me in my time and now I have many resources.

⦁ In our classes, Anthony has taught us how to make an action plan.  This has been useful; before I could not read the full Bible, now he has given me the confidence that I can. (Anthony had taught them how to make an action plan when they want to see a change in their life, and one of the first plans they made was about reading the Bible daily)

⦁ Sometime we get confused about God.  Anthony is convincing everyone that God is there.  Some people want to write their own Bibles.  But we have learned to be in a relationship with God and to trust the Bible.


  1. Thanks for the post Tammy! OK, my favorite comment from the students? "Sara and Anthony are people full of muscle". Amen. What a great picture. ;)

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