Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Guest Post - A Day in the Life of Berea

Written by Tammy Stevens from Midland, MI:

A day in the life of a visitor...

What does Berea College look like from the eyes of a visitor? After traveling more than 10,000 miles to arrive here, I was ready to be out of transportation vehicles and ready to learn. The day began with staff fellowship; praying and singing with new brothers and sisters. Followed by a class taught by Anthony, Homiletics, where I was able to hear students take their learning and create a sermon.  There were two that shared on this day.  God is using these men and women to spread the gospel. They shared later with me of the joy they had in learning how to study the Bible and the confidence they now have to preach it. Praise God for growth among His people!

Next we hurried off for chai and chapatti (tea with milk and a hot fried thin flour pancake).  We shared in this time, laughing and sharing stories of the US and Kenya.

Then we skipped off quickly to Sara's class on the Books of the Old Testament, where the students really seemed to understand and apply their leanings.  Each section had applicable lessons and clear understanding of how and why it is in the scripture.  This was also encouraging to me as there were things I had not known or understood, so I was able to get a quick lesson as well.

As class concluded, it was time to get back for lunch, rest for a few minutes before a multi-languages communion service.  Actually, the only things that were in multiple languages were the songs.  Different groups went up to sing worship songs.  It was so beautiful to see and hear people singing in different languages praising our Heavenly Father.  I was able to hear Anthony bring the message to the church for communion (they rotate who preaches and it just happened to be his week).

After service, we quickly changed clothes and went off to Sara's "practical class" where again, I learned new things. We went out to the field, Sara taught about measuring without a ruler, the importance of spacing, when to and when not to plant, how deep, and how to weed and when to weed. Then the class ran lines, dug holes, and placed manure in the holes awaiting the rain so the seeds can be planted. Class ended one hour later and more than half the class would not leave as they were so driven to finish preparing the field. It was my great joy to see the ownership these people had for their land and for their learning. This part of the field is broken into 5 areas.  They will be doing comparisons to see which crops grow best from all of the different partnering products with the maize. I am very curious and look forward to hearing the results.

After this class it was time to go in for the night, dinner, and rest. Are you tired yet?  I sure was. Sara and Anthony shared that this was not how every day was, but I understood that this was still a fairly normal day.  I thank God every day that I have been here.  I can understand the impact of two people who used to live in my home state, how they can truly impact people all over the world.  They are impacting these people to go out and care for others, spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and physically. If you have ever wondered what a day looks like here... there you go!

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  1. Phew! Long day. I'm sure Tammy was richly blessed. Thankful she could visit & encourage!!! Carol