Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christian Music Recommendations Part 3

By Anthony:

Here is part 3 of my Christian music recommendations.  This is the last post on this theme.  See my previous posts for explanation:
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  • Phillips, Craig & Dean - Revelation Song.
  • Rachael Lampa - Day of Freedom.
  • Rebecca St. James - Carry Me High.
  • Relient K - For the Moments I Feel Faint.  I love the chorus that says, "Never underestimate my Jesus."
  • Revival in Belfast - All for Jesus.  Live recording, one of my favorite albums of worship music.
  • Rich Mullins - My Deliverer.
  • Sacred Harp Singers - I'm Going Home.  Very unusual Southern Christian music but I love it.  If you listen to other songs, many sound the same.  But I really appreciate this hymn.  Note these lyrics - "Farewell vain world! I'm going home! My savior smiles and bids me come, And I don't care to stay here long!" I realize that this creation is good, though broken, and I look forward to this world being redeemed. I'm not an advocate of the type of Christianity that tries to flee away from the world and just sit around waiting for Heaven. There is work to be done, and we can take part in God's Kingdom work now in this world. That is such a privilege that I enjoy. But at the same time, it's still true what Paul says, "to live is Christ, and to die is gain." This world, as it is, is not our home and we shouldn't get too comfortable in it. It's hard to wait and be patient, when I don't care to stay here long!
  • Sara Groves - When the Saints.  I love the building momentum in the second half of the song.
  • Sonic Flood - Holiness.  The lyrics are simple but they make for good heartfelt prayer.
  • Susan Ashton - You Move Me.
  • Take 6 - Amen.
  • T-Bone - King of My Life.  This is one of my favorite songs to play at Easter time since the background singers keep saying - "He is Alive."
  • Third Day - I've Always Loved You.  This song is a great comfort to me and I play it when I need to be reminded of God's great love.
  • Tree63 - Blessed Be Your Name.  When Sara and I got engaged, and then married, this was our theme song.  I believe we played it at our wedding reception.  I'm really not sure why.  But we both liked it.  And after the wedding, as we faced difficulties in marriage (as we all do), this was a great song to have in our minds.  We praise God when it's easy and when it's hard, and God uses tough times to help us grow.
  • Vineyard UK - Be the Centre.
  • Yolanda Adams - Victory.  This could be one of my top five Christian songs.  It pumps me up, and fills me with joy in Christ.


  1. Anthony, my wife Mary Dykstra shared this with me. We might be musical soul mates. May God continue to bless you in Sara as you continue to serve him.

  2. haha, thanks for the message. Tell me which songs are your favorites so I know in which way we are soul mates!