Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Photos From Life

By Sara:

Here are some interesting pictures from our life lately.
First, our colleague at Berea College, Charles, who teaches the computer classes.  He is also our neighbor and our friend and is coming over to our house one evening each week to help us learn and practice Swahili.  One week, it was his birthday, so I baked cupcakes and we put a candle in one for him!

Recently, one tree that was along our fence fell onto Charles' house on a really windy day, so the college decided to cut a bunch of them down to protect the houses (and keep their residents from having heart attacks if a tree fell on their house while they were inside sleeping!).  The pictures of the fallen tree aren't that clear, but maybe you can pick out what happened in the picture below.

There was also a bee hive on the top of one of the trees that they wanted to cut down.  When that happened, someone climbed up the tree, tied a rope to it so people could pull it down in the right direction.  Then, when they cut it, everyone ran like mad to escape the bees.  Later, another guy who has a bee suit, checked to see if there was honey and then set the comb on fire so the bees would go away.  The good news is that no one was hurt in the process!  Here's the bee hive:

And a video of trees being cut down (we've been hearing lots of chain saw noises outside nearly every day):  

Then, here's the inside of the college kitchen so you can see the equipment that the cooks have to work with (excluding the oven I shared before which is outside):

A public toilet that has stairs leading up to it, like a throne!

And finally, check out the fancy pizza you can get at fast food restaurants in Kenya:

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