Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cake Baking With Modular Students

By Sara:

As you know, Anthony has been teaching students this August, who come for one-month long courses.  This is a modular term.  The principal (and the students) hoped that I would be able to teach them something during their short time here, so we hurriedly put together an afternoon where they could learn the cake-steaming method.  We collected all the students on a Saturday, borrowed a charcoal stove and large pots from the kitchen, and made a banana cake.

Everyone had to be involved in measuring ingredients and mixing things together so they could learn through experience.

After we mixed everything together, we agreed to come back in *exactly* 20 minutes to see if the cake was ready.  I told them that they needed to be on time to make sure they got to taste it...but not all of them made it back in time.  I actually felt bad because the maybe 10 or so students who were there on time ate most of the cake and some of the students who went off and didn't come back right away didn't get to taste any.  But hopefully they'll practice making cakes at home and get to enjoy their own.  At least the students who actually got cake really enjoyed this one as you can see below!

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  1. No reason to be sad. If the folks weren't on time, then it was not a priority for them.