Thursday, January 7, 2016

Garden, Ants, Dogs, and Goats

By Anthony:

This is just a bunch of fun videos and photos (some of them old).  These are before and after pictures of Sara's garden.  The first photo is our yard when we moved in.  The second is Sara's initial start of a garden.  The last is the garden now as we are leaving.  She has definitely improved the soil!  It's hard to see the magnitude of the garden from the photos.  It now has tall moringa trees, lots of tall banana trees, a keyhole garden, and a compost pile.  It's a jungle in there.  It's been such a great blessing providing us with most of our vegetable needs.  Sara has been able to bless so many people by showing them how she's done things in the garden, sharing her produce, and sharing special rare seeds with friends.

This is little Beorn running around soon after he was first born.

This second video was from one of our church visits to the village where I preached.  This man played his own homemade, maybe traditional?, instrument.  It was pretty cool.

Video of one of the large species of ants here in Uganda.  You DON'T want to accidentally step here. Their bites are painful and they attack in groups.  Note the cool wall some of the ants make to protect other ants in the middle.  They build a living highway.

This video is of Caleb and Mbwa playing together.  This is pretty much constant at certain times of day.  Now Mbwa has went back to his owner and Caleb is missing him.  I couldn't get a video of it but when I would throw a stick, Caleb would run after it and grab it and run around the yard with Mbwa hanging off of him like a miniature lion, with his jaws clinging to his leg or neck.

Here is a picture of one day's harvest from Sara's garden.  It's been producing a lot!  I'm getting tired of cutting up pumpkins, but we eat very well and healthy.

Recently Trent, a World Renew volunteer who has been working in Kaberamaido with the agricultural programs along with Sara, left to go home back to the US.  He had been here with us several months and we enjoyed getting to know him and working with him.  Here are pictures of his goodbye party.  At every kind of  party in Uganda you have to "cut the cake."

The Kaberamaido Pastorate team and Development team and us.  These are many of the great Ugandan friends we work with regularly:

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