Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Boat Race

By Sara:

Our partner organization, KMDP, in Kaberamaido, is doing a program to help reduce the spread of HIV in a community along the shore of Lake Kyoga.

As a fun event to keep the whole community informed about the project and the way that participants' lives are being changed, they have a couple boat races each year.

People do catch lots of big fish in Lake Kyoga, but they also catch these tiny fish and then dry them like this in the sun:

Before the boat race, the people who have been participating in KMDP's program put on some very dramatic skits to show what they have been learning.  Everyone seemed to be quite entertained!

There was an unexpected guest at the event too - a wild Grey Crowned Crane (Uganda's national bird) just walked in and was eating grains of corn that little kids were throwing to it.

After the dramas and speakers, everyone headed over to the lake shore for the boat race.

From the following pictures and video, you can see how excited the spectators got, cheering on the members of their community who were competing in the race.

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  1. I am not a bird person, but the crane was beautiful!