Thursday, September 24, 2015

Stepping Stones in Kaberamaido

By Sara:

I represented World Renew at a community meeting for the beginning of an HIV/AIDS program in Kaberamaido.  This was the initial meeting where KMDP shared with the community what their program would be like and gave them the opportunity to join groups and participate in Stepping Stones training.  I have shared about Stepping Stones before, but it is a really great training about family and community relationships, sexual health, and the importance of good communication.  

KMDP has been doing this program in different communities, so they had the male and female health champions (good role models who lead the different discussion groups of older men, younger men, older women, and younger women respectively) from those communities come to this meeting to encourage the new participants about the benefits of the program.  There were new health champions there as well who are trained to lead the groups in this community.

I have been to one Stepping Stones meeting and I loved seeing how well the facilitators (health champions) did their work - the group members taught each other through guided questions rather than the facilitator having to tell them what to think.

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