Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ducks and Dogs and Other Random Stuff

By Sara:

Here are fun pictures for you of our animals and daily life.

We got Caleb a treat when we traveled to Kampala in December.  It didn't last very long, but he enjoyed it.

We started out with 6 ducks.  They like to wander around the yard, even at night, quacking softly, and sometimes looking in at us through the door:

One of the ducks became Christmas dinner:

In late January, though, the duck numbers multiplied:

There are 13 ducklings - one is randomly yellow.

For Christmas, we got a puppy who we named Beorn.

He was unhappy after getting his first bath.  We tried to cheer him up with a piece of biscuit (cracker), but Caleb was the one who was way more interested in it:

He is definitely fulfilling the purpose of keeping Caleb company and giving him exercise:

Here are a couple videos of Caleb and Beorn playing together:

When they're not playing, though, the dogs spend their time lazing around:

There are large quantities of papayas growing in our yard and the good thing is that if one is overripe or smashes on the ground, the ducks love them.

And apparently so does Beorn:

In other news, I've been working on building a brick rocket stove.

The final product.  I'm a little concerned that it's too tall, but that was the size of the pipe we found, so it will have to do.  Next step: testing it out.

I'm also working on a clay oven, but am waiting for my parents to come to build the actual oven.


  1. Very interesting. What do you feed the ducks, or do they get enough to eat by scavenging? Also, what are those plants up against the wall in the picture where you are plucking feathers? Are they papayas?

    1. Bill, yes those are papaya trees along the wall- young ones. The ducks scavenge for a lot of their food, but we also feed them maize bran to supplement what they can find on their own.