Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kitchen Gardening

By Sara:

My students in the practical class planted some kitchen gardens for our last lesson.  We first looked at the keyhole garden which the previous class built last year.  The chard they planted is still thriving, but there is space around it, so these students filled in the space with radishes and beets.

I also brought a wheelbarrow of compost from my garden for them to sift and use for planting raised bed gardens, using old tires.  We brainstormed benefits of a raised garden - like how it can be a way to avoid diseases or pests that are in the soil below, or how you can use good quality soil and compost in a small space which you couldn't put in a huge garden.

We also talked about the benefits of having a small kitchen garden next to their house, like being able to grow healthy vegetables to add to their meals and having them nearby where they can keep a close eye on them and water them if needed.

Here the students are seeing how good compost is supposed to smell: 

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  1. Glad to hear you made it back to Uganda!!! Your house looks quite nice- the kitchen is large. You can use it as a laboratory now. :)) Happy Adventing.