Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Student Garden

By Sara:

Despite all of the frustrations with voracious sheep eating the practical class garden, and to my complete amazement, the maize managed to revive itself.  The students were really excited to see how well it grew while they were on holiday and actually wondered if I had put extra fertilizer on it (besides the manure they used when planting).  But no, it was only fertilized the once with manure.

This maize possibly looks better than the maize of the same variety planted nearby because we weeded around it early, mulched some of it, and intercropped other parts with beans.

We recently went out and tied the maize leaves around a bunch of the cobs to keep birds from peeling them open and eating the maize. 

It was also an opportunity for the students to each pick a cob to eat, boiled (but don't imagine corn on the cob because it's not sweet corn).  They were pretty excited about the maize and had lots of fun taking pictures. 

I'm not sure if I'm being baptized in this picture or what: