Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kampala Traffic

By Anthony:

A friend shared this first video below on facebook and I thought it might be interesting to you.  These videos (not taken by us) will help you to understand why we get stressed out and exhausted while driving, especially in big cities like Kampala, and why I struggle with road rage, and why you should keep praying for our travel safety.  The boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) pop out of nowhere all the time, coming past you from any direction or side.  It's common for them to break people's mirrors.  We've seen this happen as well as other accidents. We used to take bodas all the time when we were first in Uganda, but now we try to avoid them.

The first is a BBC news video that is on youtube.

The second is a random video I found on youtube of people driving on boda bodas through Kampala.  There are plenty more videos there on youtube if you are interested!


  1. As dangerous as it is, I think it is interesting that the boda boda driver wears a helmet and not the passenger.

    1. Seriously Nancy! My dad was a physician and witnessed a lot of motorcycle accidents in the ER. As a kid, I was forbidden to ride a scooter or a motorcycle. I've always thought it seemed dangerous, but nothing like riding a boda boda in Kampala. Yikes. 😳😩