Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Clay Oven Inauguration

By Sara:

We finally got around to the "using the clay oven" lesson in the practical class I'm teaching.  I spent 3 hours before the class keeping a fire going in the oven and making bread dough so we could start baking right when class started (it's usually a 2 hour class and we were going to make several kinds of bread, bake sweet potatoes, and make a cake.  So I prepared some dough before the class that we could make right away, then had the students make more dough that I baked later that night at home).

This is what it looks like to prepare for this kind of a class:

When we took a picture with the oven while things were baking inside, everyone wanted to be in the picture, even some people who weren't part of the class! 

Everyone was pretty amazed that the pita bread was really ready in only a few minutes!

The students really got into the process of baking!  Since they already knew how to read a recipe and how to measure ingredients, I didn't need to do much to guide them.

Some of the beautiful finished products.  With 14 students in the class plus many interested bystanders, most of it didn't last long enough to take pictures of!


  1. The bread looks delicious! (The bird in the email you sent was beautiful, as well.)

  2. That made me chuckle that you had folks join the picture who were not part of the class. The bread looks awsome. So glad its thousands of miles away so I can't possibly be tempted to eat it and wreck my diet.

  3. Impressive! Great crowd! Thanks for sharing the Good News that Jesus is 'the bread of life'!!! John 6:35