Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Skillet Baking with Students

By Sara:

On the first week of classes at Berea this term, most of the students came late.  Since my practical class fell on the first day of class, I decided to do something fun with the three 3rd year students who were there.  We invited the one 2nd year student who had arrived at the college to join us as well as the cooks.  Everyone had lots of fun making biscuits and scones and seeing how easy they are to bake.  (The best part was tasting them, of course!)

We used a slice of plastic water bottle to cut our baked goods into circles:

At the end, since we had time and the materials, we also made flour tortillas, which the students said were like healthy chapatti and would be nice for those who don't like eating things with lots of cooking oil!

Not much was left after everyone had eaten their fill!  (They saved most of the tortillas to eat with their dinner that night)


  1. I always love your pictures because it's great to see what folks look like who you work with. Makes me feel like I'm taking part in your ministry, more than just giving funds.

  2. What I'm really wondering, Sara is 'where is all the Hobbit food?