Thursday, February 4, 2016

More Interesting Random Pictures

By Sara:

Over the last couple months in Uganda, I managed to squeeze in time with my friends to help them build ovens at a total of four of their houses!  I am confident that they can do it without me, so if anyone else wants to build one, they have these skillful ladies as a resource to teach them.

Another person came over to our house to learn how to bake cakes earlier this year and then went home and baked us a gingerbread cake for Christmas (one of the recipes I shared with her)!  It makes me so happy to see someone enjoying what I taught them.

Finally, I took a picture of a sign on the way from Soroti to Kampala.  I just thought that "Die Forever Insecticide" was a pretty funny name to a company.  Even better is that in the list of insects that they kill, it includes "Aunts".  Unfortunately, you can't really pick it out in the picture.

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  1. Love the cute little boy with a cast helping build the oven!