Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hiking at Sipi Falls

By Sara:

We had the fun and exciting opportunity to take a Saturday trip to Sipi Falls, on the slopes of Mount Elgon for hiking.  We went with my friend Kathleen, Eric who is working in Mbale, and Trent who is spending a few months working in Kaberamaido with the agricultural programs of our partner organization KMDP.

It was a very beautiful location and we enjoyed just looking out over the waterfall and plains below. 

And we had a nice dinner by lantern light.

The hike itself was also great, but we sure felt touristy.  We had to go with a guide and they gave us all walking sticks, which although very helpful, made us feel like we REALLY stuck out!  At the beginning of a hike, there was a very friendly dog that wanted to come with us.

He wasn't able to make it down the ladder, though.

We got to go right up to this lovely waterfall and got very wet.

Then, we hiked back up the other side of the cliff to some caves.

Finally, we made our way back around the ridge to where we started.


  1. This is SO great! Ben and I hiked Mt. Elgon on our way to Pokot. Our guide was actually a young lady that was a member of the Kenyan Forest Guard (part of the militia). While there we also met a multi-national group of geologists that were conducting a survey of the cave system there. Thanks for bringing back such great memories. Blessings to you guys!

  2. Great pics, especially the panoramic shot. Looks like a fun time.

  3. Beautiful! God's handiwork is amazing!