Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Theological Famine Relief

By Anthony:

I have a great program to recommend to other missionaries and to short term trips from churches back in the USA and Canada.  It is called "Theological Famine Relief" and it is a program from one of my favorite organizations, "The Gospel Coalition."  The Gospel Coalition (TGC) publishes insightful articles all the time that you probably see me sharing on facebook.  If you've never heard of TGC, then read their "about page" here

This program is not to provide food for real famines, but to provide theology books for those places in which there is a scarcity of books and theological training.  Here is the webpage.  They give books to missionaries to distribute to pastors in other countries.  The books are new in two senses: 1. Recently published, 2. New, not used.   They are good books written by good authors, ones that I want to read myself, not old cast-offs. 

I was able to get several BOXES of books from TGC, and I paid nothing.  Normally you just pay for shipping, but they gave me a shipping scholarship as well and so they were shipped to Sara's church, Midland Evangelical Free Church, for free.  I am so grateful for this generosity.  Sara's church was sending a short term team to Uganda and we had the chance to visit them, so they took all 66 pounds of books with them for us!  Thank you again MEFC Gulu Team!

I was able to give these books to central locations in the pastorates we work in.  This way leaders visiting the pastorate offices can use them to study from, but hopefully they will all succeed in creating a library-like system so pastors can borrow the books to take home, read, and then take back.  They were all very happy to receive the books, and here are a few pictures.

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