Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bible Game

We did another Bible trivia game with the students and gave them prizes of Today devotional books, which will greatly help them in their ministry since they have no resources of any kind.

Above is team "New Church"

Above is team "Zion"

Above is the appropriately named team "Berea" as they won the grand prize. Below is a picture of me going around and checking the answers they write down. It's hilarious to see them write down hard Bible words and names. For example for the answer Nathanael, I'd go around and see "Nathunal" or "Nothieall" and other such funny things.

As you can see in the picture below, they don't mind close physical contact, even though there were plenty of other empty desks.

Here is a picture of Sara asking a question. Something funny was that we asked, "what mountain did Noah's ark come to rest on," and one team said "Mount Everest" and they tried to convince us that in Uganda "Everest" and "Ararat" refer to the same mountain. We asked quite a few questions that they should have been able to get right because we covered them in class. They actually seemed to have learned things so that was encouraging.

Last we have a picture of some of the students doing a speed question. Whoever answered the question right first wins. This particular question was, "name one of the 7 churches mentioned in the book of Revelation." This event was so much fun. We and all of the students were laughing like crazy the whole time.

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