Friday, June 18, 2010

The Pain and Pleasure of Teaching

Teaching can have its highs and its lows and we are noticing both sides through our experience here. We have one student who already finished all of his assignments for the term, but at the same time, there are a couple of students who are failing their assignments and tests. We love to see students “get” a concept that we are teaching, but with that joy comes the sadness of watching others flounder.

It also pains us to hear about the challenges our students face with people who don’t approve of their schooling. One of our best students turned in an essay for my English class in which he talked about going home for the last holiday and having people tell him that it was worthless for him to go to school and his church and that his family refused to help him pay for tuition. In fact, they even called him a fool for going to PTC.

Having formed relationships with the students at PTC makes it hard to say goodbye too. Although we have never taught any of the degree students, we have visited some of them at their homes and have spent time talking to them at school. Their final exams were just last month and they have since gone home. Those who will be returning will come back after we have left Uganda, so we had to say goodbye to all of them for the last time.

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