Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moses' Wedding

We had the fun experience this weekend of attending the wedding of Moses, a man from church who we know.
It was similar to American weddings in many ways, but at the same time, it was distinctively different. We arrived at 12:30 (the wedding was supposed to start at noon) and about five other people were there, besides the choir. But within an hour, the church was filled and after that, everything was quite punctual. Compared to the other weddings we’ve attended here, Moses and Betty, the bride, were much less nervous looking and very cheerful throughout, though Moses was rather flustered the week before the wedding.

Anthony talked to Moses then and he said that he was super nervous and had all sorts of preparations to do and stressed because he couldn’t tell his fiancĂ©e the answer to questions she asked, like where they were going to live… Nevertheless, it seems to have turned out well. They hugged each other after saying their vows, which is more physical affection than we have seen from anyone else here. The wedding party’s clothes were also all made here in Uganda rather than the stereotypical American wedding attire that many people think is necessary for a “Christian” wedding, which we found refreshing.
Here's a little kid who was standing on a windowsill outside, looking in at the wedding:

And a little child dancing to the music:

One of our favorite parts was when the choir sang the Eyalama song (in Ateso) that we love. It says something like this: “Thank you, thank you, God is good. I would have been dead, but God is good.”

The sermon was also very good – the pastor emphasized 4 simple things necessary for a good marriage: being able to say “I love you,” “I am sorry,” “I forgive you,” and “Thank you.”
And here is a video of the processional:

Something unusual, to us, was the marching band that sat in the back and played loudly and joyfully throughout the wedding.

Here is the band preparing to march to the reception with all of the wedding guests:

This is also a picture of the way that friends show affection to one another here in Uganda (this is not for spouses or people who are dating, but for friends):

And here we are all dressed up for the wedding. Do we look any different than we did a year ago?


  1. Much more mature than a year ago!......Nell

  2. Sara has longer hair, Anthony is darker-skinned than ever I've seen aaaand you look like I miss you more than I did a year ago. Does that make sense? I don't care. Come home to me.