Sunday, June 27, 2010

Game Drive Adventure

This week, we had an unusual experience going on a long trip to Pian Upe Wildlife Refuge. After asking lots and lots of questions about the place at the Uganda Wildlife Authority office, we decided that it would be an enjoyable experience to hire a vehicle to take us (along with Sarah and Brandon) out there because we were told we could see zebras, antelope, and lots of birds. However, it turned out nothing like what we were told. We learned that maybe we should have asked things like: “how tall is the grass there?” or “There are no other fees? Really? Are you sure?”

After driving for hours on a very bumpy road, which you can see in the video above, we arrived and discovered that there was an entrance fee we hadn’t been told about. Then, we headed off on the drive and the guide told our driver to turn onto the road. What road? The one that looked like a field filled with grass as tall as the vehicle. Yeah, there was no distinguishable road to be seen.

So we drove out into the bush and soon discovered that it was impossible to see any animals, much less birds, due to the seven-foot tall grass. We even tromped off into the grass (in sandals) a little ways and saw nothing.

It was rather a disaster and not a trip we’d recommend, unless you want to throw away a lot of money. Oh, and Sarah got carsick and I had terrible allergies… We had a bit of trouble getting over what a flop the whole trip was, but did our best to just laugh about it and enjoy the time together. Here's Sarah and Brandon trying to look happy.

We did see lots of goats, cows, and donkeys on the way there and back - at one point, there were puppies, goats, and donkeys all sitting together in the middle of the road. We couldn't get the camera out in time for that, but we did get a picture of a donkey to document one such wildlife sighting.

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