Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun in Uganda

We have discovered a new fun thing to do with students at school, when they need a break from their studies. With Brandon, we created a Frisbee out of a plate and duct tape. We’ll spend a few minutes most days throwing it around with some of the students.

There was a very minor earthquake here the other day. I know it is strange, but since Anthony and I had never experienced an earthquake before, it was rather exciting. We were just sitting inside, when all of a sudden, the bench we were sitting on shook for a few seconds. We never would have expected that Uganda would be the first place we would feel an earthquake.
I believe we have mentioned how we generally don’t see any large wild animals running around in Mbale, unlike Michigan where there are deer even in cities. In fact, the largest live wild animal we’ve seen is a squirrel. And unfortunately, the most interesting animals we’ve seen here in Mbale have been roadkill. We saw a dead mongoose and hedgehog on the road in the same day (I know it’s an odd photo to post, but here’s a picture of the mongoose) and we’ve heard that there are monitor lizards, but we’ve never seen one.


  1. This post gave me an idea. We will bring along some unauthentic flying disks (the real name is a registered trade mark). Perhaps white ones with red maple leafs!

  2. I'm sorry, but gross. The dead mongoose is kind of gross.