Saturday, May 15, 2010


We know that people like pictures, so here are some pictures of life around our house. First, due to Mel eating chicken eggs, we have only one chick, but it is super cute

A picture of a beautiful sunset on a road near our house

A giant moth we found near a light in the morning

Part of my garden where there are carrots, cabbage (in the far back left), and maize that I planted later than all of the other maize (this way we can spread out the harvest)

Compare to the maize that is currently flowering and beginning to produce ears:

Hopefully we will be able to start eating our own maize in another couple of weeks!

Related to living here, we had our first unannounced guest today. We would have expected one of our friends from the college, but instead, the 13-year old son of one of our fellow lecturers showed up unexpectedly and for no apparent reason. This is surprising because he has spoken about 10 words to us before today. And he didn’t really say much today either. He just hung around with Anthony while he burned trash, prepared lunch, and then sat quietly while eating lunch with us. It was strange, but rather amusing. We know it must have taken courage for him to just show up at our house to hang out with us.

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  1. HA! Love this. I am going to just start showing up places and hang around while people burn trash.