Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hiking again

Remember that hike we went on – to the top of the hill near our house? Well, we did it again this past weekend – with our students!

It was very fun because most, if not all, of them come from very flat areas and had never been to such a high elevation before.

They were very excited throughout the hike, and despite their claims of being tired out, they rushed up the hill with far more energy than Anthony and I had. We’re hoping it was their excitement and adrenaline, rather than our being completely out of shape!
Here we all are at the top:

When we reached the top, several of them joyfully swam in the ice-cold stream that feeds the waterfall.

They thought it was very cool to be at the top of a mountain.

The students were very interested in the crops that people were growing on the hillside and the fact that there were goats and people actually living up there. And like us, they were also impressed by the people going up and down the mountain carrying things on their heads. Additionally, they congratulated the oldest student (who is 57) on his ability to do the hike with us!


  1. Wow...breathtaking view! I noticed that everyone had their jackets off by the time they got to the top of the mountain.

  2. This is awesome. You two are awesome. What a great thing to do with/for your students.