Monday, April 26, 2010

Katakwi visit

This past weekend, we went to visit one of our students, Robert, at his home in Katakwi, which is northeast of Mbale. It was especially fun to be in Katakwi because some people we met in the US used to work there for CRWRC and all the people at the church knew them! Unexpectedly, we also got to see Norah, one of the graduated students from last year, and her son Emmanuel, who is in the second year class.

Unfortunately, our trip there took a very long time because our taxi broke down twice on the way. We think maybe the engine overheated; the conductor had to run off down the road to find water to pour on it. But eventually, we arrived in Katakwi, later than expected, but safely.

The church put us up in a guest house for the night. It was very nice – there was even a toilet (and I mean a toilet with a seat!) in our room. Since it was late, we had tea and then supper right there in the room – Robert, his wife, and a friend brought it over to eat with us. It was very interesting to learn that Robert’s surname, Odukatum, means “running faster with a spear” because he was born during the time when it was very common for the neighboring people to attack and steal cattle. Robert also oversees the youth programs for two districts, which includes 172 PAG churches!

Although the bed was extremely comfortable, somehow some mosquitoes got under the mosquito net and spent their time buzzing around our heads and biting Anthony (again, not me) at least 35 times. We were also woken up at 5am by one of the people from town preaching over a megaphone.

The next morning, we ate breakfast at this restaurant where a person from the church works:

Then, we had a very nice time at church. Anthony preached about suffering and we enjoyed worshipping with the people there.
Here's Anthony preaching

A panoramic view of the church

A video of worship

The choir

Afterward, we had time to talk with Norah, Emmanuel, Robert, and the pastor during lunch. We had to hurry home then, so we could get back before dark.
Robert is in the blue shirt, Norah in the white dress, and her son Emmanuel in the white shirt

The church itself

Robert and his family outside the house they rent in town

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  1. When I think of town, that kind of house isn't the kind I envision. Thanks so much for all your posts & pictures as well. It's nice to be able to experience another culture vicariously through you guys!