Monday, April 26, 2010

Animal update

I have been very angry at Mel recently. I had two hens sitting on eggs and when no one was looking, Mel ate at least 10 of their eggs, if not more. So now one hen has one egg and the other has four. It is very disappointing, since I was hoping for a whole flock of chicks. We tried to stop him from doing this, but were unsuccessful, so we decided to buy a chain and chain him up during the day, then let him loose in the evening when the chickens are shut in their room. He doesn’t like being chained up very much even though he can still move around (he’s still getting used to it). Here’s a picture of him looking a little sad.

We did build him a little shelter he can go under when it rains and he’s a super happy dog when we let him out in the evening. So hopefully this will solve some of our problems with him.

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