Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Remember that skillet that Jose and Becky brought us last week? Well, we successfully baked banana bread in it! Very exciting. Now I can enjoy baking again!

We made tomato soup and grilled cheese! Rather American food, I know. It was from a Knorrs soup packet and the soup was kind of a scary red color, so I don't think we'll be doing that again.

A breakfast mostly provided by our chickens: Scrambled eggs and toast.

Food at school: rice, beans, posho, and mushrooms in peanut butter sauce (the staff asked us if we eat mushrooms in the US - they thought maybe it was only Africans)

Food we were served when in Atutur: Matooke from that part of the country, which they said was better than the matooke in Mbale, rice, chicken, and greens in peanut sauce. If you hadn't guessed yet, peanut butter sauce is rather popular.

The reception food from the wedding with Katie: rice, matooke, beef, and potatoes.

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